Over more than 10 villages were "night moves"

     store business, playing out in a circle, but came back later, specialty store has been "moved" is empty. Yesterday, a reporter from Changxing jiapu police station, Public Security Bureau was informed that "moved" empty Sun specialty stores have been captured, while Chang XING village Committee offices, they are recent burglary suspects.  

     Mr Sun's specialty store located in Changxing clip town Changping village, because business is bad, Mr Sun was going to closed. On November 21, the Sun out of the trip, but when he returned on November 25, and door ajar, stores were looted.

     when the police to conduct an inquest found that specialty store before the visible marks of reciprocating motor vehicles passing by. After analyzing criminal modus operandi, discovered the theft case and the recent occurrence in Changxing Zhen Zhi Cheng, Jia Pu, Office of the small village of Pu and other thefts are very similar. Beginning of July to the end of November this year, the thieves have more than 10 times broke into the Office of the village Committee, computers, air conditioners and other valuables out in the Office, even the tea in the Office were not spared. From the scene of the manipulation should be pre-ins, invade the aim is very clear, while field motor trace left.

     after investigation, the police is to find out the identity of this group of people, most of them from the tancheng, Shandong. On December 9, the Group again entered the Changxing County, is zhichengzhen a foot massage shop, North Jinling road to wash my feet. This information, the police quickly out of the police rushed to the foot store, 4 suspects too late to wear shoes, was arrested by police. The next day, police in the small town of another suspect Wang captures.

     in Changxing doing odd jobs at several people before, because of financial hardship, he was making burglar village idea, selecting the right target in the daytime, evening drive to start. And they said, Mr SUEN's specialty stores is purely "surprises", because at that time, just in time to see the Sun out, and thought it was a good opportunity, descended on the overnight.

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