Moving company moving ring moving out

    15 at noon, Mr Lin moving company moving, results in a file box of diamond rings, brooches and other valuables missing. Hot Springs, gulou district police find the recovered parts from moving companies truck cab, CAI said, but Porter of stealing items were picked.

    15 at noon, staying in the forest near Fuxin road, Jinan district moving company moving, home items need to move 3, Lin yuquan road as the first car to the refuge after the found diamond rings, brooches and other valuable files box half open. He opens the box files, found the items missing and called the police.

    , according to Mr Lam, items, put them in his home, jewelry, lighters and other valuables in a three-layer file box, before moving his file was closed, after moving files box half open, so must have been lost during the move process. He suspected the Porter walked. When the third car arrived, police under the windscreen of the truck cab found a brooch, and lighters and other items was found in the locker, but no ring was found.

     CAI a civilian porters to bring back. Cai Mou said they are picked up when he moved in, he did not see the ring. Several other Porter says in we see Choi opened a file box. At present, the case is under further investigation.

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