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Kunming city moving company, founded in 1993, is a professional enterprise engaged in moving and transportation, handling, loading and unloading, operation has been with moving special vehicle 10, with 8 Professional crane, handling both, move team, employs more than 60 people, has been established for Kunming residents and thousands of families moved to provide a quality service, and successfully relocated a large number of factories and enterprises. Provides moving, moving company, moving company in Kunming, Kunming, Kunming phone, moving company, moving plants in Kunming, Kunming, Kunming factory relocation company, Kunming Kunming, moving, long distance moving companies, Kunming, which good moving companies, moving companies, moving services.

I have never interrupted with telecommunications companies, moving companies, banks, schools and other cooperation between units, handling a number of switching, transmission, access, IDSL, and ATM cash machine, teaching equipment and so on. Due to outstanding performance, panlong district, Kunming city, my unit has been named "heavy contract, keep credit" unit, thanks to quality service creates outstanding operating performance, advanced collective of panlong district, for many years by the Government as tax awards.

I solemnly pledge: is our responsibility in the handling of materials, facilities, equipment and other items are lost, damaged, liable for my unit; and the work of our staff, are responsible for the security of person, ensure successful completion handling security, safeguard the interests of customers.

Kunming City Moving Company

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